MetLife Tech Recruiters Share Resume Tips for Potential Candidates!

What do you look for when vetting resumes? What tips do you have?

K: To start, resumes should ideally be one-two pages and be clear, concise and free of spelling and grammar issues. For some of our highly competitive roles, we may receive a high volume of applicants. To stand out from the rest, I recommend tailoring your resume to highlight your experiences that most closely align with the specific position for which you are applying. When we are looking over resumes for the first time, recruiters and hiring managers only have limited time to review a resume before making a decision, so tailoring your resume helps make every second count.

J: Agreed, short and concise is important. A lot of candidates want to cover all experience they’ve ever had, showing they’re a “jack of all trades”, but the relevant experience and skills that match to the role you’re applying for will be much more valuable to a recruiter and a hiring manager, and that’s what your resume should focus on. The sooner we find candidates with resumes that match with the role we are trying to fill, the sooner you may be moved forward in the interview process.

What makes a good candidate for tech jobs at MetLife?

J:  The skills required for a specific role can vary quite a bit depending on the nuances of the team that is hiring. But strong communication skills are a must! People often think of technology roles as heads-down, coding, come in and get the job done, but at MetLife, being a good communicator is equally as important as the technical skills you bring to the table. The ability to read situations and react in a thoughtful and professional way will make a big difference.

During the interview process, how do you assess if someone is a good fit for the role?

K: Throughout the interview process, candidates meet with the recruiter, hiring manager, subject matter experts and/or team members, etc. to assess skills and experience. We also ask behavioral questions to determine if a candidate aligns to our culture and core behaviors. And we look for candidates with innate curiosity, out-of-the-box thinking and problem-solving capabilities. Candidates who ask thoughtful questions and demonstrate they have done their research will stand out during the interview process.

Why should someone want to work for MetLife over other companies?

J:  When people think of MetLife, they likely immediately think of the insurance industry. But a knowledge of insurance is not what the technology teams hire for and is definitely not a requirement. Technology and communication skills are first and foremost. So why MetLife for your tech career? For one, we offer training courses to enhance and sharpen your skills. The offices have great amenities like coffee/juice bars, fitness centers and game rooms. And finally, MetLife has a strong commitment to serving our communities and offers opportunities for our employees to give back.

K: There’s great opportunity for internal mobility and the collaborative environment allows for cross-training so you can take your career where you want it to go, which is really exiting to a lot of our candidates.

MetLife is going through a transformation and it’s an exciting time to join the team and be part of the journey. 

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