Meet Our People

Our success as a company begins with our employees. That’s why we strive to create a culture where employees are engaged, motivated and inspired. MetLife provides a variety of opportunities for personal and career development, offering a workplace where employees can realize their full potential.

From local teams to across MetLife’s global community, a collaborative work environment underpins our ability to be a world-class organization and leader in our industry. Our talented, diverse employees provide fresh perspectives, strategic thinking and innovative problem-solving, fueling our company’s success.

Hear from a few employees who share how they are making a difference at our company, and for the customers and communities we serve.

Meet Briana, Claims Adjuster

Briana is a claims adjuster with the Claims Solutions team at MetLife. It is Briana’s job to always put customers first and to put them at ease so they can have a stress free claim. At MetLife, we are passionate about Customer Service and it is something we strive for with every interaction.

Meet Loi, VP of Planning & Business Development

Loi is Vice President of Planning & Business development on the Employee Benefits team. MetLife values the opinions of their employees, and has a focus on development and diversity. We understand that respecting and valuing the differences among our people makes us a more inclusive and innovative organization.

Meet Peter, VP of Global Digital Strategy & Transformation

Peter is Vice President of Global Digital Strategy & Transformation at MetLife, part of the Global Technology & Operations (GTO) division. Digital is a mechanism that allows us to engage with our customers in new and personal ways. If you’re interested in digital and driving change in both the industry and the lives of customers, then you belong at MetLife GTO.

Meet Stoya, Global Leadership Development Program

Stoya is a part of the Global Leadership Development Program (GLDP) at MetLife. Stoya was attracted to MetLife because although we are a company with over 150 years of history, there is a strong spirit of embracing change. The Global Leadership Development Program (GLDP) is a fast-track global program to build a pipeline of future leaders. If you’re prepared to take on new challenges, help drive strategies in an ever-changing complex business and expand operations in emerging and developed markets alike, this is where your path begins.

Meet Zach, Senior Analyst

Zach is a Senior Analyst on the Investment Manager Oversight team who joined MetLife for the culture and collegial environment. Zach is a part of MetLife’s Military Veterans Network (MVET), an employee-founded and employee-run diversity business resource network that is open to all colleagues who are passionate about advocating for veterans.

MetLife Cary Campus Tour

Get a view into our Cary, NC campus. The campus is comprised of three 213,500 square-foot office buildings that integrate design and technology to foster an open, collaborative and flexible environment. All three buildings have achieved Leadership & Energy Environmental Design (LEED) certification for environmental sustainability, something we are very pasvironmental sustainability, something we are very passionate about as a company.

The Cary campus sits on 26.5 acres, overlooks Lake Crabtree, and features an outdoor amphitheater, basketball court and walking trails. Other amenities at the campus include:

  • Campus-wide Wi-Fi
  • Workstations, offices and numerous informal and formal meeting spaces
  • Collaborative meeting rooms and open work spaces with writable walls
  • Adjustable, sit-stand desks
  • Wellness rooms and Fitness center