Meet Our People

Our success as a company begins with our employees. That’s why we strive to create a culture where employees are engaged, motivated and inspired. MetLife provides a variety of opportunities for personal and career development, offering a workplace where employees can realize their full potential.

From local teams to across MetLife’s global community, a collaborative work environment underpins our ability to be a world-class organization and leader in our industry. Our talented, diverse employees provide fresh perspectives, strategic thinking and innovative problem-solving, fueling our company’s success.

Hear from a few employees who share how they are making a difference at our company, and for the customers and communities we serve.

Meet Andrea

Post business school, Andrea joined MetLife as part of our Global Leadership Development Program (GLDP) to gain from the global opportunities and development experiences the program offers. Currently a Customer Experience Director in Global Brand and Marketing, Andrea focuses on rethinking the way we do business with our customers, ensuring they understand and access the full benefit MetLife offers. 

“I joined MetLife because of the GLDP…but I stay because of the people.”

Meet Hank

With a background in engineering, Hank developed and refined his skills to pursue a role as a Derivatives Trader in Investments. His unique background allows him to solve problems from a different viewpoint, providing him the opportunity to do what he loves the most – helping people find solutions. 

“Together, we are continuously improving the firm and developing new ideas, strategies and programs to meet the challenges MetLife faces ahead.” 

Meet Payal

Payal is a Human Resources professional and part of the Workforce Analytics team. Her energy in the workplace is helping her lead transformation and change within the Human Resources Department.

“I’m able coach and drive a strategy with a collaborative team and see the impact on our clients.”

Meet Alan

Alan is an employee in Corporate Planning and Projections who moved from our offices in Florida to New York City to start a new position within the Finance department.  He provides insight and information that is ultimately shared with investors, providing guidance on our future as a company.

“It’s exciting for me to be part of something that is so impactful to MetLife’s future.”