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財務部門, 数理グループ, グローバル数理モデリングチーム, スタッフ/アシスタントマネージャー, GG10-11

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Date Posted: Jul 28, 2022

Location(s): Tokyo, JP

Company: MetLife

職務内容: 生命保険商品の収益計算ソフトウェアの開発・管理

1) 収益計算ソフトウェア(Prophet, DCS, PathWise)の開発

2) 業務に必要なシステムやツールの開発(Python, Excel, VBA)

3) 収益計算ソフトウェアのロジック分析等のユーザーサポート









1) 生命保険会社の数理、収益管理、商品開発、ファイナンス系の業務経験あるいはIT部門等でのプログラミング業務経験(5年以上)

2) プログラミングスキル(言語は問わないが、基礎的なスキルを有していること)

3) 日本語(母国語レベル)、英語(文章や口頭による基本的なコミュニケーション)



1) Development of actuarial calculation software (Prophet, DCS, PathWise)

2) Development of systems and tools necessary for business (Python, Excel, VBA)

3) User support such as model analysis of actuarial calculation software


Through the development of actuarial software to project reserves and cash flows, it is possible to get an understanding of the management situation, future strategy, and the link between the own work and management decisions.

Working with other teams in Japan as well as teams in the United States and India provides the opportunity to communicate in both Japanese and English.

For those who are trying to pursue a career in actuarial, by touching a wide range of changes in actuarial trends, it is possible to acquire analytical and problem-solving skills as an actuary.

As a preparation for the actuarial exams, there is a system that provides study time, and in-house study and knowledge sharing sessions are being held.

After several years of experience with this team, it is possible to transfer to other teams through rotation, if desired.


Requirements (Experience, Skills, Education)

1) Experience in life insurance company's actuarial, profit management, product development, finance business, or programming in IT area (more than 5 years in total)

2) Programming skills (any programming language)

3) Japanese (native language level), English (basic communication in writing and verbal)