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Lead Data Science

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Date Posted: Jul 29, 2022

Location(s): Capital Federal, AR

Company: MetLife

This is a techno-managerial role that requires a combination of skills and broad exposure to lead multiple Advanced Analytics teams and initiatives that will build futuristic insurance models. The role requires a well-grounded understanding of insurance business, statistics, advanced analytics and machine learning in which future models would be built, good exposure to technologies like python and related technologies, and most importantly, a vision for how future of analytics in insurance would look like. In addition, the candidate should be an inspiring leader, who can produce vision and direction for the teams, as well as somebody who can effectively collaborate with executives in the organization.

Main Responsibilities
Lead and manage model development & deployment for a business/ functional unit
Responsible for end to end solution design, contextualization and execution of the analytics use cases
Support the development of integrated data science-driven solutions
Provide oversight, troubleshooting, and support to programmers as they develop the solutions
Work with various development, QA and Test environment teams for the overall integration strategy
Educate, and mentor the team members on open source tools, capabilities, and best practices and provide inputs for career development
Commit to continuous improvement and learning both personally and in support of team members
Assist in establishing coding standards and best practices and perform code reviews and drive MetLife's programming standards
Manage project stakeholders in Business & Engagement Units


Bachelor's degree or higher, preferred in Business, Engineering, Economics or related fields


Desired Experience

8+ years of experience in relevant field


Knowledge and skills (general and technical)



1) Hands-on knowledge of the Python, PySpark, Big Data technologies Hadoop, Hive etc.

2) Extensive experience in BFSI modeling and/or model testing

3) Advanced analytics concepts and algorithms including text mining, social listening, recommender systems, predictive modeling etc.

4) Domain knowledge/expertise in insurance is preferred though not mandatory

5) Experience of managing/leading teams, ideally in model development

6) Proven project management skills, experience in AGILE methodology and taking end-to-end responsibility regarding quality and deadlines as well as timely escalation of issues


Preferred Knowledge and Skills:

1) Experience with detailed level of data analysis using technical tools; Alteryx, Qlik, Power BI etc.

2) Experience in one or more cloud framework such as GCP, Azure PAAS, AWS etc.

3) Capable of building, articulating, and presenting new ideas to technical, non-technical, and business communities

4) Possess creativity and innovation skills, demonstrate the ability compare and analyze different tools and technologies, and make appropriate recommendations.

5) Highly detail-oriented

6)  Excellent written and verbal communication skills




At MetLife we are committed to promoting diversity among male and female collaborators, through non-discriminatory treatment based on race, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, religion, age, nationality, marital status, disabilities, physical or economic condition , there are no HIV and pregnancy tests as a requirement for entry, permanence or promotion and there are equal job opportunities