Kicking Off Your Career at MetLife

Production Management Analyst Megan Shares Her Story and Why MetLife is a Great Place to Start Your Career

So, MetLife was your first job out of college?

It was and I’m still here! I graduated in 2015 and I just celebrated four years here in June. I’m very grateful that MetLife has opportunities for career mobility. I’ve only been at one company, but I’ve done so many things here.

Transitioning from college to your first job is an adjustment. What were some things that stood out to you when you started at MetLife that helped with that transition?

Since MetLife was my first job out of college, working in a traditional 9-5 setting and being around your co-workers all day was new to me. They taught me how to navigate both sides of our working relationship. I can go from a conversation with my co-workers about my weekend, to talking about a project, to talking about our favorite TV show. I think it’s important to be comfortable with your co-workers, but also professional.

As a Production Management Analyst, what kind of things do you work on day-to-day?

I work in data analysis for the Application Maintenance and Support team (AMS). Applications are a pivotal part of how we serve our customers, both internally and externally. My team tracks application outages, so if they break or there’s an issue, we investigate the root cause, find a solution, and make sure that the application gets back to doing what it’s supposed to.

Another aspect of my role is I provide support for our global communications within AMS. My responsibilities can range from setting up SharePoint sites or data repositories to coordinating global town halls – which are a technical resource for employees all over the world. As a communications student, it’s been great to utilize my skills producing videos for town halls and translating them for employees in other parts of the world.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Being a resource for others! I’ve worked with a lot of different teams, so I know a lot of people and know a lot about MetLife. Whether it’s about AMS or something unrelated to my team, I enjoy being someone people can turn to if they need help with anything.

Did you have a mentor that was that same kind of resource for you?

I have a co-worker named John, whose been great over the years. When I graduated, I didn’t have a lot of technical skills, but he took me under his wing to teach me a lot. He became someone I was comfortable around, so I was able to ask him questions about anything.

Is that kind of mentorship a wide-spread part of the culture at MetLife?

Absolutely. I came in not knowing anyone, straight out of college, and was just trying to adjust to working full-time. I don’t think I would be here if it weren’t for the support from my co-workers. Everyone is very supportive of each other and are always willing to help out when needed. I try to repay that by mentoring recent college grads that work here. I’m also involved with the MetLife Technical University (MTU) program, where I mentor summer interns, help with interviews, and assist with whatever else is needed. It’s important to me to be willing to help out with things like this because I know first-hand how valuable it is.

You’ve had a few different positions at MetLife. What helped you move within the company and get to where you are?

When I spoke to my first manager about moving to a different team, she encouraged me to reach out to people and ask to grab coffee for 20 minutes or so to just talk to them, listen to their story, get to know what they do and how they got there. Those conversations were so helpful, personally and professionally. One of those informal discussions ultimately turned into a job offer from the woman who is now my current manager.

If you could describe the culture of MetLife in Cary, NC in three words what would they be?

Innovative. Friendly. Collaborative.

What do you like about working in Cary, NC?

I really like Cary because it’s kind of in the center of the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill triangle. It’s a smaller town but you can go to these places very easily, and if you can’t find something in one city, you’ll probably find it in one of the other two. That’s true for education, arts, sports, food, etc.

What advice would you give to someone looking to begin their career at MetLife?

Be open to anything! There are so many opportunities here. Whether you’re a technical person or not, there is something for everyone. You can contribute if you’re willing to learn and try new things.

If you’re looking to make your mark in the professional workforce, then you belong at MetLife. Explore career opportunities with us today!