Investing in Our Employees Growth: Behind the Scenes with Jason Gill

Claims Academy Operations Manager Jason Shares How He’s Able to Utilize His Skills to Expand Employee Training Programs on a Global Scale

After spending about two years building a training program in long-term claims from the ground up, Jason’s managers saw an opportunity to expand on his skills across other organizations within MetLife. This brought him to his current role where he is tasked with designing, developing and launching the Claims Academy Portal. “It was a position that didn’t exist before I came into the role. MetLife created the position for me. Which just goes to show how MetLife values their employees’ skillsets and invests in their growth,” says Jason.

The MetLife Claims Academy Portal was designed to be a one-stop-shop digital hub for all of MetLife’s training and education resources specifically for employees who work in claims. The portal launched in 2018 and has been receiving all positive feedback from employees. “Our employees appreciate that they’re being heard and we’re taking action,” says Jason.

Due to the success of the Claims Academy Portal in the U.S., Jason has been working on expanding the program by creating portals for other claims organizations across the globe. “After launching the portal in the United States, I was given the opportunity to build out Claims Academy Portals and employee career pathing resources in Japan and Mexico. It’s constantly growing,” says Jason. “I never imagined that I would have been able to work on projects like this.”

On top of launching Claims Academy Portals all over the globe, Jason has also been heavily involved with career pathing demos for U.S. employees. Jason collaborates with senior leadership and HR partners to get employees excited about what their future holds for them at MetLife. The career pathing demos are online resources that house an abundance of information including day in the life videos, job descriptions, shadowing opportunities and any requirements that are needed to apply for a certain position. “At MetLife, there are many different paths that an employee can choose to go down in their career. These demos are a great resource to help you define your path and where you want to go based on your career goals. They’re designed to help equip you with the skills you need to achieve those goals,” says Jason.

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