Meet MetLife IT Relationship Specialist Jigar, who is Growing His Career at MetLife

For IT Relationship Specialist Jigar, the past two and a half years with MetLife have been a rewarding learning experience that have helped him gain upward mobility in his career while challenging him to take on exciting new projects. When asked about his favorite aspect of being a part of the MetLife team, he explains, “To learn new things and look at the big picture. There are great learning opportunities at MetLife. If I say I want to learn a new coding language or learn some new Java, MetLife has a “MyLearning” program that employees can take advantage of, opening up opportunities for me to grow my skillset and my career.


With a tech background, Jigar has added value to different organizations that have exposed him to an array of new and innovative technologies. MetLife has proven to be a great next step in his career path. “MetLife is very much invested in the latest and greatest in technology,” Jigar says

As a part of the Data Analytics and Portfolio Management team, he is responsible for taking care of project portfolio management — looking at top programs, how they’re performing and how they are interdependent on each other.

In addition to project portfolio management, Jigar has been able to explore new talents and skills. “MetLife allows me the freedom to be hands on with multiple diverse projects, all at once. Not only am I a program manager, but I also formulate the training courses. And when new work comes in, I do the estimates and make sure the team follows the training and provide guidance to the team, from a data and analytics perspective,” he says.

Though he is still fairly new to his career at MetLife, he sees a long future ahead of himself here and mentions that anyone who works hard at MetLife can expect great growth opportunities. 

"My manager and I have a great relationship. I frequently have one-on-ones with my manager where I can bring up any obstacles or concerns and discuss where I can move forward professionally. No matter what level you work at, leadership takes it upon themselves to support your growth.”

Are you looking to launch an exciting new career opportunity, working alongside supportive employees and using the latest in tech? Explore tech opportunities at MetLife and join dedicated team members like Jigar.